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Pingu's English Schools TOTS: Building Strong Foundations for Young Minds

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Where Tiny Adventures Spark Lifelong Learning: Nurturing Curiosity and Confidence

Within our school's embrace, each child is a unique gem, waiting to illuminate the world. Our nurturing environment provides fertile ground for their brilliance to bloom.

Nurturing TOTS in Their Exploration Adventure


Join us as we nurture these budding adventurers, igniting their imaginations and laying the foundation for a bright future

  • Social Skills: Through group activities, sharing, and communication, tots develop essential social skills. Pingu and friends are their companions on this exciting journey.

  • Creativity and Confidence: Arts, crafts, and imaginative play boost creativity. Plus, our supportive environment nurtures confidence in every TOT.

  • Safe Environment: Our TOTS thrive in a secure and caring setting.

Voices Of Gra​titude: What Our Parent's Say

A ​Kaleidoscope Of Our Remarkable Events 

"STREAM Exhibition 2024: Where Brilliance Meets Innovation"

Step into a world where brilliance and innovation converge at the esteemed Pingu's English School and Eureka School System's STREAM Exhibition. From our youngest TOTS to accomplished IGCSE scholars, this showcase celebrates the remarkable talents of our learners.

"PESESS Exposition 2024:"

PESESS Exposition 24 🌟 was a day brimming with excitement, learning, and exploration of Pingus English School and the Eureka School System in Pakistan.

Pingu’s Grand Athletes Day 🏆

Pingu's English School hosted an exhilarating Grand Athletes Day, featuring a dynamic lineup of activities that left our students beaming with joy! From Ninja challenges to skating, cycling, PT displays, Taekwondo, Futsal, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, and a nostalgic Throwback Match, it was a perfect blend of fun and fitness.

Eureka Model United Nations:

Eureka Model United Nations (EMUN), hosted at the PESESS's headquarters, is a dynamic event where students step into the shoes of United Nations diplomats. In committee sessions, they deliberate global issues, negotiate, and propose solutions. EMUN cultivates critical thinking, diplomacy, and a grasp of international affairs

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8 campuses across Pakistan

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Curriculum developed by
Kingston University London


with over 1500+

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