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Eureka’s Primary Years Program EPYP

Eureka School System's PYP Curriculum: Nurturing Inquiry, Excellence, and Holistic Growth
Welcome to Eureka School System EPYP, a premier institution committed to offering a Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum that sets the stage for lifelong learning, critical thinking, and holistic development. Our PYP curriculum is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging educational journey for young learners. Explore the details of Eureka's PYP Curriculum.

EPYP Excellence:

At Eureka School System, our EPYP curriculum nurtures inquiry-led learning, encouraging students to explore, question, and construct their understanding of the world around them.

Inquiry-Based Learning:

Our EPYP curriculum is built upon inquiry-based learning methodologies. Students are guided to inquire, investigate, and discover answers to their questions. This approach fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and a genuine passion for learning.

Holistic Development:

Beyond academic prowess, our EPYP curriculum focuses on holistic development. We offer a wide range of subjects including The Holy Quran, Islamiyat, English Language & Literature, Mathematics, Urdu, Sciences, Social Studies, Global Perspectives, Physical Education (Ninja, Taekwondo, Skatting, Football, Basketball, Throwball, Tennis), Chinese Language (YCT, HSK) Robotics,MindMaths. This comprehensive approach nurtures well-rounded individuals.

Transdisciplinary Learning:

The EPYP curriculum encourages students to make connections between subjects, promoting transdisciplinary learning. By exploring real-world issues from multiple perspectives, students develop a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of knowledge.

Student-Centered Approach:

Our EPYP curriculum places students at the center of their learning journey. Students actively participate in setting learning goals, choosing pathways of inquiry, and reflecting on their growth. This empowers them to take ownership of their education.

Language Proficiency:

Effective communication is key to success. Our EPYP curriculum emphasizes language development, fostering strong communication skills in both native and additional languages. This equips students with the tools to express themselves confidently.

Action and Reflection:

The EPYP curriculum encourages students to apply their learning to real-world situations through action. Whether its creating positive change in their community or implementing solutions to global issues, students learn the value of taking thoughtful action.

Technology Integration:

Incorporating technology into learning is paramount in the digital age. Our EPYP curriculum integrates technology to enhance learning experiences, preparing students for the challenges of a technology-driven world.

Assessment for Growth:

Assessment in our EPYP curriculum is not solely about grades. We focus on formative assessment, providing continuous feedback that guides students progress. This approach ensures that each students learning journey is tailored to their needs.

Global Mindedness:

Our EPYP curriculum instills a global perspective by exploring different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Students develop an appreciation for diversity and an understanding of their role as responsible global citizens.
In conclusion, Eureka School System's EPYP curriculum is a testament to our dedication to nurturing inquiring, knowledgeable, and compassionate young minds. With an emphasis on inquiry-based learning, holistic development, language proficiency, and global awareness, our EPYP curriculum prepares students to succeed in an interconnected world.

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