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Selfish Salish

Once upon a time, in a town filled with laughter and joy, there lived a girl named Salish. She was a vision of beauty, so much so that people called her 'The Queen of Beauty'. Her family was very wealthy, and she had everything she ever wanted. Salish was popular, admired by many in her city, but her heart was not as beautiful as her appearance. She was selfish and unkind, especially to those who were different from her. She showed no respect to her parents, siblings, or relatives.

She loved compliments and adoration. Salish would wear the clothes she liked and go wherever she wanted, without considering anyone else's feelings or asking for permission from her parents. Her behavior made her mother cry a lot, feeling sad about her daughter's spoiled attitude. Her parents were disappointed in her and repeatedly tried to teach her not to make fun of others, but she never listened.

One day, Salish went on a tour with her friends. While on the tour, she spotted a girl who was paralyzed. Instead of showing kindness or empathy, Salish began making fun of her in front of everyone. The poor girl felt awful, and even Salish's friends begged her to stop. But Salish ignored them, continuing her hurtful behavior. Eventually, her friends had enough and left her standing there alone. Salish felt loneliness and regret but brushed it off, not wanting to admit her mistake.

As she continued her journey, lost in her own thoughts, tragedy struck. Salish met with an accident. The once 'Queen of Beauty' found herself in a moment of desperation and pain. She realized the consequences of her actions, how her unkindness had isolated her from everyone, and now, in her time of need, there was no one by her side.

Lying there hurt and alone, Salish remembered all the times she had disregarded her parents' advice and mistreated others. She felt deep remorse for her behavior and wished she could go back and make things right. Tears streamed down her face as she longed for a second chance.

Thankfully, some passersby saw the accident and rushed to help her. Among them was the girl Salish had mocked earlier, the one who was paralyzed. Despite Salish's cruel behavior towards her, the girl showed immense kindness and helped Salish receive medical attention. Her actions melted Salish's heart, making her realize the importance of compassion and empathy.

From that day forward, Salish transformed. She learned the true meaning of kindness and started to treat everyone with respect and care. She apologized to those she had hurt and made amends. The accident became a turning point in Salish's life, teaching her a valuable lesson about the power of empathy and the consequences of selfishness.

As Salish recovered, she became known not just for her outward beauty but for the beauty that radiated from within—her newfound kindness and empathy toward others. And thus, the once selfish 'Queen of Beauty' became the Queen of Kindness in the hearts of all who knew her.

Short Story by:

Arfa Khan

Eureka School System Primary - VI

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