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Digital Parenthood – Navigating New Terrains of Raising Kids

Welcome to the most chaotic yet enchanting world of parenting in the digital era. Parents continuously find themselves in a delicate dance, balancing the allure of screens and spending quality time with their little tots. The journey is never dull, from juggling diapers and technology to keeping up with energetic kids.

It's not a bed of roses to raise a hyperkinetic kid, where everything seems like a mission impossible; even Google Maps can't help you! Let's embrace the challenges and work to find solutions with a positive and determined attitude.

The Miniature Tug-of-War

Imagine this: You came bearing colorful toys as gifts for your kids, ready to engage them in non-digital fun. But, with the smartphone's catchy "The Wheel on the Bus" tune, your little ones get lost in animated cartoons and touch-screen magic.

You are not alone, my friend! It's also a real struggle for me, from dawn to dusk! We all are amidst this tug-of-war, where even the bravest warriors break a sweat. So, what to do? There are ways to manage a toddler-sized meltdown to help you navigate this phase.

The Bunny Hopkins Approach

Bunny Hopkins, a sustainable toy brand in the USA, believes in promoting a balanced approach that enables toddlers to benefit from technology while encouraging imagination and creativity. The solution lies in open-ended toys that offer endless possibilities for explorative playtime.

Some of Bunny Hopkins' most popular suggestions include:

Building Blocks

Simple but highly versatile toys enhance spatial awareness, fine motor, and problem-solving skills. A combination of building blocks with digital tech is a great choice!

Art Supplies

Ever tried to discover your child's artistic side? Tots love to draw, color, and paint. These activities encourage your child's creativity in an offline environment.


These promote cognitive development and patience, offering hours of entertainment. There are many choices, from 2-piece puzzle sets to 1000 challenging pieces.

Board Games

It's a great way to enhance family bonding and improve cooperation, strategy, and critical thinking. They offer a fun way to spend quality time together.

Role Play Games

Does your child love Paw Patrol characters or Avengers and DC World superheroes? Dress-up and role-play games can help enhance your child's imagination and social interaction skills.

I have followed Bunny Hopkins' approach with my child, and the results are excellent! His creativity, imagination, and desire to learn more are noticeable improvements. However, if you hope your child will play alone, daydreaming about such a miracle isn't good for your health.

Screen Time or Playtime? Integrating Both Worlds!

Frankly, excessive screen time is also unhealthy for adults, so imagine how wrong it is for a toddler. So, is eliminating 100% of the digital world necessary?

As per my experience, you can infuse both distinguished worlds with smart decisions. Here is what I do – a tried and tested formula!

Bedtime Stories – I tell stories at bedtime, sometimes using digital tech to narrate them in soothing celebrity voices like Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough to relax them.

Alphabets & Numbers Dance – Playing ABC and 123 in the background and interactively acting and dancing with the child.

Finding Colors – Use a smartphone to call out color names and run around the house with the child to find them.

Poems Fun Land – Playing famous poems on the phone [eliminate the phone if your voice is good] and acting it out.

Smartphones can be handy if used wisely. These digital solutions can transform a mundane moment into an epic adventure. Isn't it amazing that a smartphone could be more than a glorified pacifier?

Figuring Out the Right Balance!

In conclusion, it's not impossible to successfully navigate the world of digital tech and combine it with better parenting. All you should do is strike the right balance.

Time Limitation: Don't forget to establish clear guidelines for screen time and support only age-appropriate content.

Tech-Free Zone: Introduce tech-free zones at home where screen time is forbidden, supporting face-to-face interactions.

Quality over Quantity: Focus on quality time spent with your child rather than quantity. Engage in interactive activities to manage their hyperkinetic nature.

Learn to incorporate the essence of education in everyday life, enriching and nourishing your tiny tot's development. Focus on quality parenting rather than debating. You have the power to turn every bad into good!

And remember to share laughter, hugs, and smiles with your kids daily. Happy Parenting in the Digital Era!

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