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Creative homework ideas to engage children at home

Assalam o Alaikum

It is an honour that the management team of Pingus English school has arranged this wonderful connection between staff n parents through which we can share our ideas n thoughts.

Topic is quite interesting that how we as a parents specially mothers like me, makes more efforts to put up a child’s interest in doing Homework at home..

Firstly I prefer to give a joyful environment for my kids so that they develop a keen interest in writing their home task, secondly it's my first priority to get them engaged in what they thought of how this particular given homework can be done with more changes and new ideas in their own words whether there make loads of silly mistakes in it but still just to keep them motivated and keeping in mind that these little minds of my kids are the future endeavors. At least they are trying to figure out the correct form in their own words and that's the beginning of their creativity...

Hopefully this small informative message will help other parents to get motivation as well..


Sumaiyya Umair

Mother of two naughty girls studying in Pingus

Noor Fatima Umair

Anabia Umair

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