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Happy 76th Independence Day of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to all our fellow Pakistanis!  Today, we stand together to commemorate the day when our great nation was born. Let's take a moment to remember the sacrifices of our forefathers and the tireless efforts that went into achieving this cherished freedom.

From the vibrant flag hoisting ceremony to the spirited patriotic performances, our learners showed their love for Pakistan in the most beautiful way. We are thrilled to share these moments of joy, unity, and patriotism with all of you.

Highlights of the Celebration:

Flag Hoisting:

The day began with the raising of our beloved flag, symbolizing the strength and unity of our nation.

Cultural Showcase:

Our talented learners paid tribute to Pakistan's diverse culture through captivating performances, showcasing the beauty of our traditions.

Patriotic Competitions:

From poetry recitations to art displays, our learners' creativity knows no bounds. The passion they displayed was truly inspiring.

Messages of Unity:

 Our learners shared heartfelt messages about the importance of unity, progress, and the bright future of Pakistan.

Let's take this moment to express our gratitude to all those who have contributed to the growth and development of our nation. Together, we can continue to work towards a stronger, more prosperous Pakistan.

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