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Unlock Your Child’s Future: 100% Admission & Security Deposit Waiver Await!

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Congratulations! Simple ways to achieve 100% Scholarship on Admission Fee and 100% Security Deposit... Double Saving!🚀

🔒 Secure your Child’s Future with a 100% Scholarship on a Security Deposit.

At our school, we believe in removing barriers to education. That is why we are thrilled to offer an exclusive scholarship that covers the security deposit for your child's enrollment. 🌟

🔥 Achieve 100% Scholarship on Admission Fee:

No more financial barriers. Your child's education is our priority, and we've got you covered.


Pingu's TOTS Program

  • Early Learning Adventures: Nurturing curiosity and creativity.

  • Play-Based Curriculum: Building social skills and foundational knowledge.

  • Safe Environment: Our tots thrive in a secure and caring setting.

Pingu's Early years Program:

  • Foundational Skills: Early Years focuses on literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking.

  • Exploration and Curiosity: Students explore science, nature, and the world around them.

  • Creative Expression: Art, drama, and music enhance their creativity.

Eureka's Primary Years program

  • Foundation for Success: IGCSE preparation begins here.

  • Holistic Learning: Academics, arts, sports, and character development.

  • Expert Faculty: Passionate educators guide young minds

Eureka's IGCSE Program:

  • World-Class Education: Globally recognized qualifications.

  • Customized Learning: Tailored curriculum for individual growth.

  • Critical Thinking: Preparing students for Higher education

Ready to shape your child's future? 


  • Quranic Classes: Deepen your understanding of the Quran and its teachings.

  • Robotics: Unleash your inner engineer and build exciting robots.

  • Mind Maths: Sharpen your mental math skills with fun challenges.

  • Chinese: Embark on a linguistic journey and learn Mandarin.

  • Ninja: Train like a stealthy warrior with our Ninja program.

  • Taekwondo: Master self-discipline and physical fitness.

  • Skating: Glide through life with grace and balance.

  • Football: Score goals and make lasting memories on the field.

  • Basketball: Dribble, shoot, and slam dunk your way to success.

  • National and International Academic Contests: Compete, learn, and excel on a global stage.

Explore a world of learning and growth through our diverse enrichment programs. Whether you're passionate about sports, academics, or creative pursuits, we have something for everyone.


congratulations! You’re just a step away from unlocking remarkable savings for your child’s education:


How our programs work:

*Enroll: choose the program that suits your child's age whether it's our TOTS Program, Primary Years, and IGCSE, we will guide you through the process.

*Personalized Learning: Our expert faculty tailors teaching methods to your child's unique learning style.

*Parent-Teacher Collaboration: We value your partnership. Stay informed about your child’s journey with open communication.

Take the next steps:

*Click the button "Book your child's slot!"
*Fill out the application form.
*Attend our signature event, STREAM Exhibition 24, and witness the dynamic skills of our learners.

📆 Date: Saturday, 24th February 2024
⏰ Timings: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

*Hurry! We have a limited 10 seats available at each class at each campus. Secure your child's spot now:

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8 campuses across Pakistan

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Curriculum developed by
Kingston University London


with over 1500+

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